the Grilled Sirloin

I just keep going back to the sirloin. It’s lean, has tons of flavor, and is fairly inexpensive. If someone else has a vote for the best steak value (post your comment), I’d be willing to listen, but the sirloin has my vote so far.

“Steak is yummy, especially medium rare!” says Camden, our youngest son. Apparently, I’ve trained him well. Of course, I would have to add, it’s even better with some grilled vegetables. Grilling is by far my favorite cooking method for broccoli, so don’t forget to include it in your selection of vegetables. I put olive oil and salt and pepper on all, and some loosely chopped rosemary on the steak, then off to the grill I go. While it may have been snowing outside as I was preparing… that’s no reason not to grill!  Put some slices of rosemary olive oil bread on the grill after the steak is done and resting, as it won’t take long to brown up nicely. Paired with a nice cabernet, this is a delicious, easy meal.

Sirloin steak and veggies on the grill. Note the broccoli on skewers.

Loosely chopped rosemary has a wonderful scent.

Sliced, plated and ready to eat!

Don't forget a nice cabernet!

Snow on the grill.

The view from the grill.

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