Olive Bread…Dipping

What a simple delight. Any crusty bread would work wonderfully for this tasting, but we love the olive bread from Wegmans. Even though fabulous on its own, creating an olive oil dip takes it to another level. Chopped fresh oregano is my favorite ingredient to add to a high-end extra virgin olive oil, along with chopped kalamata olives, chopped basil, crushed red pepper, grated parm, salt and pepper. Splendido!

Made for dipping!

Fresh oregano! (& friends)

Wegmans olive bread.

Add a nice red and you almost have dinner.

2 thoughts on “Olive Bread…Dipping

  1. This is a cool idea too. I’m getting a lot of inspiration and hunger pains. I am going to have to go lunch like now. lol I subscribed to your blog to keep track. Good job!

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