You know you want one…the creamy root beer float!

What would summer be with out the root beer float? Our boys have been asking for them ever since the weather started to warm up. While they may not be too picky about the quality (yet), Heather and I are always searching for the best ingredients (which are the key to a great drink). We stumbled upon Iron Fireman Root Beer during a visit to Custom Brewcrafters in Honeoye Falls, NY. It’s fabulously deep, creamy and spicy, with hints of wintergreen and anise and a dark foamy head. It paired marvelously with Perry’s Vanilla Bean ice cream to create our summer classic!

The Iron Fireman root beer float!

5 thoughts on “You know you want one…the creamy root beer float!

    • Thanks Wendy! That was a fun shoot. It was a big mess, but I got to drink a couple root beer floats! 🙂 It’s excellent root beer if you get a chance to try it.

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