Campfires and the double marshmallow, Special Dark chocolate s’more!

The campfire. A summertime ritual that must include the s’more! Really, what is the purpose of going to the trouble of making the fire, if you’re not going to toast a marshmallow (or two), and eat it between layers of graham craker and gooey chocolate!? I’ve found my s’more happy place using the Hershey’s Special Dark bar. And, since s’mores are not just for kids, bring along a bottle of Trader Vic’s Macadamia nut liqueur. The warm, nutty, smokey  flavors pair up perfectly!

Some of you are probably wondering why Cha! Cha! the Rainforest Cafe frog is in the picture with our boys. They had discovered a photo contest with a grand prize trip to Disney World! And given my last post and our love of all things Disney, they asked if we could enter. I obliged and thought I’d ask a favor…please vote for our entry here:

EDIT: Since the contest is over I removed the link, but thanks for voting!

All jokes aside….I think I need to go make some…more….s’mores.

The double marshmallow, dark chocolate s'more.

Cha Cha joined us for the campfire.

Once the boys each had a s'more, Heather and I got our turn.

I'm a believer in the nicely toasted, not burned, marshmallow.

Trader Vic's macadamia nut liqueur, an awesome pairing for s'mores!

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