Happy Father’s Day!

Yes, I know father’s day was yesterday. But….you didn’t actually expect me to “work” on father’s day, did you? Well…that is far from true, but doing the picture and the post proved to be a bit too much as I could absolutely NOT miss out on the eating part of this post.

I posted the Wegmans apple crostata back in January. That was awesome. The apple-cranberry and cherry versions were both superb. But, the strawberry rhubarb crostata (enter the choir singing sweet melodies) is heavenly goodness, and my all time favorite so far. Thus….it was the obvious choice for my father’s day dessert. Its light as air crust, and sweet filling are still on my mind today. Take a peak and tell me you don’t want one…..

The strawberry rhubarb crostata. This totally makes it worth saying “shazam”!!

I hope all of you fathers out there had a terrific day with your family. I know I did. Happy belated father’s day!

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