Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

Hi! It’s Heather. I usually work behind the scenes around here (editing, assisting, baking, etc.), but Rich decided to turn this post over to me. I think the title explains why. Anyways, I’ve never blogged before, so here it goes!

Ok, so Rich brought home some blood oranges, and wanted to create a drink with them, but wasn’t sure what direction to go in. I got to thinking… blood oranges… vampires… Twilight! Seemed like a natural progression to me…

While playing around with different combinations, we actually came up with two drinks we liked. Naturally, I dubbed them the Team Edward and the Team Jacob.

Team Edward: Shake 1 oz. Absolut Los Angeles and 1 oz. fresh squeezed blood orange juice with crushed ice. Strain into a champagne flute and top with chilled Chateau Frank Celebre Rosé. Garnish with a blood orange twist. Light, sweet, and sparkly, just like Edward!

Team Jacob: Combine equal parts Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso vodka, Godiva Chocolate liquer, and fresh squeezed blood orange juice in a shaker with crushed ice. Shake and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with a blood orange half-slice. Dark, sweet, and silky. Yeah, that’s Jacob!

Try them both, and let me know which team you vote for!

The blood orange. Perfect for vampires and werewolves alike.

Team Edward...light and sparkling. Team Jacob...dark and unpredictable.

Absolut Los Angeles, Chateau Frank Celebre Rosé, and blood orange juice.

Chateau Frank Celebre Rosé was a perfect sparkling fit, to keep the sweetness right.

Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso vodka, Godiva Chocolate liquer, and blood orange juice.

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