What a title, right? But that’s what we say…Let’s go to Food!  Food at Fishers Station.  If you haven’t been, just know that you will wait in a line outside -whatever the weather may be – and it will be worth the wait!  All I can really say is… it’s truly amazing how good the pancakes are. I can’t properly explain how they just melt in your mouth… or how much my mouth was watering as I was quickly taking these pictures. I didn’t plan this shoot ahead of time, but I figured if we were lucky enough to get the table by the big window, it would be easy to grab a few shots. That table wasn’t available, and we ended up at the counter in rather dim light. That turned out to be a real treat (despite the very slow shutter speeds). We got to watch the Stewart family and crew in a swarm of activity, masterfully handling the crowd (and this crazy guy with a camera, taking pictures), being ever hospitable.

Breakfast perfection included the 2-2-2: two pancakes (looks like more than 2 to me!), two eggs, and two sausage patties, and the short stack (not so short either) with an egg on top.

My suggestion: Go there (7548 Main Street, Fishers, NY), check on the hours (they are limited Thursday – Sunday), bring cash, be prepared to wait in line, and enjoy!

The 2-2-2, two pancakes (actually more!), two eggs, and two sausage patties.

Short stack with an egg on top!

Is this stack really short? Nope. And its fantastic!

Hot coffee, and the mug says it all.....

6 thoughts on “Food!

  1. Reminds me of our 2+ hour wait at Moore’s Sugar Shack in Freedom, NY. The weather was cool, the sun was shining. we took a wagon ride pulled behind a tractor into he sugar bush, then finally wormed our way into the dining room. Had a ton of all-we-could-eat pancakes and over-easy eggs, ham and sausage. And of course, freshly harvested maple syrup … “Another cup o’ Joe, please …”

    • 2+ hours…wow. I haven’t been to Moore’s, but I do enjoy the maple syrup pancake breakfast, ritual of spring. Goof the sun was out! If you are headed this way, Food is right off exit 45 on the Thruway. Worth planning it into your trip!

  2. Is it bad that my eyes got bigger when I saw the egg topped short stack? It looks sooo good. Thanks a lot. Now I’m fiending for some breakfast food. I will keep that restaurant in mind when I go to NY.

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