Heavenly clouds of cotton candy

Quick! Go to your neighborhood fireman’s carnival! We are first night Mendon fireman’s carnival junkies. I suggest you get hooked as well. 🙂 I figured I’d try and entice you with cotton candy and a few funky iPhone pictures. I would have taken pictures of our Italian sausage and fried dough, but they were gone almost before we got them. Hope you enjoy!

Cotton candy trifecta!

Fluffy Circus cotton candy. Mmmmm!

Don't forget a ride on the ferris wheel!

5 thoughts on “Heavenly clouds of cotton candy

  1. Rich, these are amazing, thanks for sharing! Where are the whiskey “shots”? Great to see you at the lake!

    • Thanks, and your welcome, Renée! Good to see you too. Bourbon pictures are in the works, just need more time in the day! If you subscribe, you’ll get them in you e-mail. 🙂

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