Enter the Dragon (Fruit)

All Bruce Lee references aside….this is one cool looking piece of fruit! The dragon fruit, or red pitaya as it’s also called, is the fruit of a cactus species. The bright magenta-red skin and yellow flames of the exterior had drawn a large crowd in the entrance to Wegmans (including me). The roughly ten dollar price per fruit may have scared a few people off, but not me…..I had to have one (or two) to share with you! The outside is shockingly different than its bright white, seeded inside. The fruit has the texture of a kiwi with an almost bland, mildly sweet flavor. Is it worth handing over a ten dollar bill, you ask? (I’m not sure they are always that much.) For the occasional shock value, it just may be….and it is quite large. The boys did try it and gave the thumbs up!

Dragon fruit, or pitaya. Arguably one of the coolest looking fruits available.