Chili Chocolate

Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but this is one of my favorite types of chocolate. You have to try it. It’s not hot, but does certainly have a touch of chili spice to it, after a quick initial hint of dark chocolate bitterness (only 49% cocoa), and a sweet, silky melt as it lingers in your mouth.

Now enter the Graham’s “Six Grapes” Reserve Port! It’s a non-vintage young wine, but it’s a tremendous value. The aroma of cherries, spice and chocolate are wonderful as the glass approaches. Port is generally strong, as is the Graham, but is fantastically mellow with the mix of the chocolate. The flavors are extremely harmonious, and perfect for relaxing by the fire. Enjoy!

Graham’s “Six Grapes” Reserve Port and chili chocolate.

Raspberry Linzer Torte

Simply divine. Serve these raspberry linzer torte bars paired with a nice ruby port and your guests will think you worked all day in the kitchen (Note the extra powdered sugar to pull off the homemade look).

It’s better  to spend your time photographing these than making them….especially when you can get them for less than $3! That way you get to eat them sooner!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Rasperry Linzer Torte....with port.