Happy Thanksgiving leftovers!

Of course the meal is delicious on Thanksgiving. But….isn’t there something special about eating the same meal for the next 3 days? It never gets old until it’s gone! Sadly it is, but not before I captured the full experience.


Our entire meal was gluten free, and amazing. All the way down to Heather’s molasses cookies. Which is the same recipe as I posted before, just with Cup4Cup flour.


Now that you saw the photos, you can watch me eat it! Enjoy!


Molasses cookies…oh my.

My goal for this post was to give you proper motivation for your afternoon snack. Just the word cookie…and I’m in search of. But these molasses cookies are possibly my all time favorite, and Heather was kind enough to bake these at my request.  I think I had around 15 while I photographed this. Seriously. I loved every one. It’s actually driving me crazy that there are some left in the kitchen right now, as I write this. I’ll be right back…….grab your coffee and enjoy!

(Just ask if you want the recipe)

EDIT….recipe is in the comments

Mama's heavenly molasses cookies.