Double Rainbow Sangria

Why, you ask? Why is this post called “double rainbow” sangria? It’s just due to my wish to occasionally include pop culture references in my posts. Even somewhat dated pop culture references. But really, doesn’t the garnish on the glasses kind of remind you of a double rainbow? It wasn’t originally intentional; just fortuitous garnish karma.

So this is what we did with the Salmon Run Chardonnay that was left over from our tasting get-together. Throw some fruit, whole cloves, a splash of creme de cacao, and 3-4 oz. of brandy in with the wine….let it sit in the fridge for a day or so….and it really kicks it up a notch. Along with the blend of citrus fruits, I think apples are the key fruit addition. The raspberries were overpowered by the rest, but added a nice touch of color (and they tasted great when the sangria was gone).

This was splendid, but the same as with red wine (see our fruity, spicy, dangerously smooth version), there are many variations you could use to make white sangria. Do you have a favorite recipe? Please share while we have a sip…..cheers!

Chef Mark’s dynamite napoleon!

Chef Mark’s birthday…part 2! So what does a chef want for his birthday dessert? To make his own napoleon! This was fun to watch, so I captured a few steps of the process. The one very important chef’s tip that I learned was to create each pastry dough layer using a whole box of puff pastry. At first this sounded crazy, until Mark explained that you bake a whole box of dough (after unrolling) while compressed between 2 cookie sheets, to keep the dough from rising. Add some pastry cream and  raspberries between each layer, top with powdered sugar, and you have a dessert fit for a chef! (or a short French dictator)

Chef Mark's dynamite napleon!

Chef Mark hard at work, on his birthday!

Good morning…with French toast!

There isn’t much on the breakfast table that looks as good as maple syrup glistening French toast. Until you add the powdered sugar and raspberries! This tasted every bit as good as it looks. We used our left over Easter bread; a light bread with raisins and golden raisins. Being a day old, the bread soaks up the batter better. (Say that 6 times fast!) I like to cook as light as possible, so I only used egg whites and a touch of skim milk for the batter. Throw it on a hot griddle with a touch of cooking spray (once again trying to keep it light) until golden brown. Top it off with pure maple syrup, raspberries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Mmmmmmm.

We decided to have some Tart Cherry Stomp to go with our French toast. This was our first time trying this 100% fruit nectar. Yum…tart and sweet, a great combination. Good morning to you!!

Easter bread french toast for breakfast! (click me and make me bigger)

Tart Cherry Stomp from Red Jacket Orchards, in Geneva.