A start to summer: The Mendon Carnival

Even though we’ve had some spectacularly nice weather early this year, it always feels as if summer starts with opening night of the Mendon carnival. We were there Thursday evening and I wanted to share a few highlights. The last day is today….so get in the car and head over there!

The past 2 years I have really enjoyed ordering an Italian sausage and being recognized, by a couple that was volunteering in the food tent, as the guy who does that blog…2eat2drink. How fun! So…this picture is for you 🙂

The classic carnival food: Italian sausage drenched in sauteed peppers and onions and mustard!

Other classic carnival indulgences were surrounding us as well. The 5 of us had ice cream, milkshakes, sno-cones, cotton candy (the highlight of last year’s post) hamburgers, hot dogs, clams, fried dough and sugar waffles!

The sugar waffle! Yum.

Opening night features an unlimited ride deal…which of course the boys participated in. Heather and I sat most of them out, however. I hope you get to enjoy your local carnival as well. Happy Summer!

That’s making me dizzy!

The ferris wheel at sunset. What a beautiful evening.

Watch out for the crazy viking!